Basketball Physical Performance Summit - Tips Athletes - Corona virus

5 tips for athletes during the corona crisis

Here are five tips on how to stay in some kind of athletic shape during the lock down from the Euroleague strength coaches!

Regarding our 2020 Summit that is scheduled to take place in Athens, Greece, in July 4th & 5th we wish to announce that our schedule will not be affected for the time being. Of course we stay alert for any developments and by following official regulations we will keep you informed for any changes.

  1. Manage your weight

    Exercise daily and adjust your caloric intake

  2. Conditioning (25 mins/day)

    In place running, running up house stairs, jumping jacks

  3. Speed and power (80-90 jumps/day)

    In-pace jumps, ladder drills

  4. Strength (8-10 exercises)

    Body weight and band exercises

  5. Set a daily schedule

    Prepare your mind and be disciplined

Stay safe!

Postponement announcementNew dates: 9-10-11 July, 2021. Prices and venue remain the same.
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As we all experience in our personal and professional lives, the CORONA-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented reality that we believe will jeopardize, both the quality of the event and the safety of everyone involved. However, we would like you to know, that despite the negative developments and global uncertainty, we remain as enthusiastic and committed to organizing the Summit as ever

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